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We are team of world-class experts in cards and payments who take a dynamic approach to solving payments challenges in and around Africa. Our partnership with ACI and Digital Afrique Telecom allows us to focus on ideas and innovations that simplify payments processing and integrations. We also champion financial inclusion of the unbanked population,

We are fully licensed to resell and customize Postilion Switch and other ACI products. We provide quality services in the areas of mobile payments, agency banking, merchant services, ecommerce, and other payments services.

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Promoting world-class financial products and services for Africa and emerging markets


We believe in the value of the people. So we surround us with the best in their fields. Our geographic coverage allows a reduced time to market and avoid to our partners, long moments of administrative procedures. The flexibility in our approach is also determining and valued by our partners.


  • Postilion Switch licensing
  • Postilion support and customizations
  • Payments processors
  • Fraud management system
  • ATM driving solutions
  • Cards management
  • POS device driving
  • POS monitoring and management solution
  • Agency Banking
  • Digital Credit
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Remittance
  • Bill Payments
  • Innovative Startup Incubation
  • Consulting