Our Solutions

We offer range of solutions of quality, fast and secure, with a robust technical infrastructure.

Payment Processor

We put all of ACI's Postilion tools in the service of the financial institutions for the safe processing of its card payment transactions, authorizations, transfers, etc. We bring access to the Visa and Mastercard network

Hosted Services

As a payment processor, we leverage on extensive network of banks across the continent to contribute to financial inclusion. Aggregate microfinance and small banks around the Digital Switch to offer them digital financial services (Cards, Wallet, Mobile banking, etc.). sponsoring banks hosting the accounts / wallet and being responsible before country’s reserve bank.


Technology is improving the way we use financial services today. Technology is improving the way we use financial services today. Considerable R&D and marketing efforts are done to make sure customers are happy with what they get as a service. Unfortunately, as the services improve, fraud techniques also evolve to adapt to the new contexts. In the same time, the impact and potential damages have reached dimensions never seen before. Early detection and timely action taken can help prevent financial fraud or limit their impacts. With our Position Fraud management set, we are able today to work with regulatory bodies, banks, and micro-finances, to handle their fraud management.


Eafricalab can develop value-added services for banks on their ATM networks, in order to develop many services including cashless withdrawals, bill payment among others. Our ATM services cover a wide range of ATM brands which are the mostly used by the banks and financial institutions.

Card Management

Creation, implementation and management of prepaid card, companion card programs. In partnership with banks, retailers, Mnos etc... Cobranded cards (companion, Gifts, EMV, prepaid, Fuel, Fidelity) produced with the BIN of the sponsoring bank at the disposal of microfinance partners, various companies. Ex Student Cards, etc. Visa Virtual Card Generation On Demand For Miscellaneous Use


Local banking in rural areas with an agent and a terminal to open a bank account, withdrawals and cash payments, money transfers, bill payments, account balances, loan applications, credit card issuance, distribution of bank letters.

Bill Payments

Allow the payment of the invoices of any biller (University, School, Water, Electricity, DSTV, Insurance, Tolls, Property Taxes, Vignette, Municipal Taxes, Petrolier, Sotra, etc.) in partnership with the bank of the treasure through omnichannel interfaces (Ussd, Web, Mobile Application, TPE, ATM, etc. payments.

Mobile Wallet

Creation of an electronic wallet for users of the Banks. Provision of electronic wallet in white label for different partners (Microfinance, billers, etc.). These electronic wallets can be cashed in from a bank account and can be used to pay bills, make merchant purchases, transfer money, be used to generate virtual cards, etc. The electronic wallets will be accessible through multichannel interfaces (Ussd, Web Portal, Mobile App, Pos, ATM)