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The financial sector in Africa has become more complex and autonomous in recent years. The monopoly of development banks and projects on the distribution of rural credit now belongs to the past. New forms of organisation closer to the populations are developing, the savings and credit cooperatives contribute to the renewal of the problem of local financing which widens by linking local savings collection and Distribution of small credits to their members. This new system very quickly adopted by our populations, however, has some constraints. Between the bad faith of mutualists, the false declarations of collectors, our solution comes to reinvent the collection of savings.

CASH COLLECT is an electronic solution that allows your institution to collect savings in an efficient, secure and modern way.

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Save time and money with real-time fundraising reports.

Prevent and fight effectively against cases of fraud and misrepresentation of collecting agents

Digitalize your fundraising process

Offer you programmable collection tools that adapt to your operational realities


  • TPE (with different models)
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones


  • Ticket printing
  • Sending possible SMS (applicable fees)
  • Validation of transactions via biometric data (subject to prior enrollment)
  • Interconnection to your Back Office that allows you to view transactions in real time